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"You Can Call me 'Dr. J'..."

Use this on Step 2 CS as well as real life ! Many IMGs have names or last names that Americans find tough to pronounce. I have seen official name-changing common amongst my Chinese friends. If you have had a problem getting your name across in a single pronunciation, instead of wasting time and struggling with the patient getting your name right, it's ok to say - "Hi Mr. Meyer, nice to meet you - you can call me Dr. A or Dr. D or Dr. Z.."whichever your last name starts with.

A reader wrote to me last year how she changed her name to a simpler American one for her Step 2 CS Day, considerably reducing her anxiety...


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  • Besides other history taking specific to the chief complaints that the patient has, use this mnemonic to remember specific data collection points:

  • S- Safety @ home
  • A- Afraid of Hubby?
  • F- Family ? Friends aware ?
  • E- Emergency plan?
  • G- Gun @ home?
  • A- Alcohol?
  • R- Relationship with Hubby?
  • D- Drugs? Depression ?
  • If Depression = Yes - then proceed with data collection using Mnemonic 'FACE SLIPS' mentioned on this blog !
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